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  • Cooking
  • Cooking


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Our cooking course has all the ingredients you need to start learning how to cook. Students can even learn the fundamentals of starting a catering business of their own. This in-depth course covers a variety of professional food preparation techniques. One thing is certain: at the end of your efforts you will be sitting down at your tables to relax and enjoy a delicious meal created by you while you bask in your sense of accomplishment and good will.


Module 1: Intro

1.1 Intro

Module 2: Wonton

2.1 Wonton

Module 3: Tomato Basil

3.1 Tomato Basil

Module 4: Ricotta Gnocchi

4.1 Rocotta Gnocchi

Module 5: Potato Gnocchi

5.1 Potato Gnocchi

Module 6: Pizza Tart

6.1 Pizza Tart

Module 7: Pesto

7.1 Pesto

Module 8: Potato Pancakes

8.1 Potato Pancakes

Module 9: Crostini

9.1 Crostini

Module 10: Fish Chowder

10.1 Fish Chowder

Module 11: Fritters

11.1 Fritters

Module 12: Risotto

12.1 Risotto

Module 13: Risotto Cakes

13.1 Risotto Cakes

Module 14: Spanakopita

14.1 Spanakopita

Module 15: Vegetable Puree Soup

15.1 Vegetable Puree Soup

Module 16: Corn Chowder

16.1 Corn Chowder

Module 17: Tempura

17.1 Tempura

Module 18: Panko Crusted Chicken

18.1 Panko Crusted Chicken

Module 20: Potato Crusted Salmon

20.1 Potato Crusted Salmon

Module 21: Grilled Veggies

21.1 Grilled Veggies Part 1

21.2 Grilled Veggies Part 2

21.3 Grilled Veggies Part 3

Module 22: Veggie Risotto

22.1 Veggie Risotto Part 1

22.2 Veggie Risotto Part 2

22.3 Veggie Risotto Part 3

Module 23: Outro

23.1 Outro


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