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  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)

R3999 R1500 

This ITIL® Foundation course covers the IT Infrastructure Library best practices. ITIL®is globally accepted as the most widely used best practices for IT service management. This course gives students the necessary knowledge to enter or enhance their career in project management or IT service management. Companies that use ITIL best practices range from the Fortune 500 market, Government, DOD, small businesses, and is used internationally. This course covers the 5 main concepts within ITIL®: Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

We are in the process of becoming accredited for this course by ACQUIROS. ACQUIROS is an Examination Institute of AXELOS Limited.

ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.



Module 1: The ITIL Qualification Scheme

1.1 Intro
1.2 About Scheme
1.3 Levels Of Qualifications
1.4 Qualification Bodies
1.5 The ITIL Foundation Certification StubbleModule 2: Introduction to Service Management

2.1 Service And Service Management ­Part 1
2.2 Service And Service Management ­Part 2
2.3 Service Management Processes­ Part 1
2.4 Service Management Processes­ Part 2
2.5 Service Management Best Practices And SummaryModule 3: ITIL® and the Service Lifecycle

3.1 Service Management Practices
3.2 Why ITIL®
3.3 The Service Lifecycle

Module 4: Service Strategy

4.1 Service Strategy Purpose And Objectives
4.2 Service Strategy Scope
4.3 Business Value Stubble
4.4 Key Principles ­Part 1
4.5 Key Principles­ Part 2
4.6 Service Stragey Processes

Module 5: Service Design

5.1 Service Design Purpose And Objectives
5.2 Scope Of Service Design
5.3 Business Value Service Design
5.4 Service Design Key Principles
5.5 Service Design Processes­ Part 1
5.6 Service Design Processes ­Part 2
5.7 Service Design Processes­ Part 3
5.8 Service Design Processes ­Part 4

Module 6: Service Transition

6.1 Service Transition Purpose And Objectives
6.2 Service Transition Scope And Business Value
6.3 Service Transition Key Principles
6.4 Service Transition Processes ­Part 1
6.5 Service Transition Processes­ Part 2
6.6 Service Transition Processes­ Part 3
6.7 Service Transition Processes­ Part 4

Module 7: Service Operation

7.1 Intro To Service Operation
7.2 Service Operation Basic Concepts
7.3 Service Operation Processes ­Part 1
7.4 Service Operation Processes­ Part 2
7.5 Service Operation Access Management
7.6 Service Operation Functions

Module 8: Continual Service Improvement

8.1 Continual Service Improvement Purpose Objectives AndScope
8.2 Continual Service Improvement Key Principles
8.3 Continual Service Improvement Processes

Module 9: Service Management Technology

9.1 SMT
9.2 SMT Service Automation
9.3 SMT Service Analytics

Module 10: How it all Fits Together

10.1 How It All Fits Together
10.2 Outro


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